Get The How She Wins Him Back FULL Program
This is the program we couldn't fit into the eBook version. And there's a good reason...
It's Jane Lu's Full 4-Step Method for getting through a breakup. The good news is that you have the full "heart" of this program with the eBook already...

But there's more:

The full program will go deeper. You will be able to watch detailed videos where Jane walks you through each of the 4-Steps. And when you get stuck, because we all do, we have special audios, plus Q&A for that. See below.

Here is a video I would like you to watch because it explains why Jane created this 4-step method in the first place:
As a result of having The Full Program and using it, here is what will happen. You will either get back the man you're supposed to be with. Or you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's time to move on. Most importantly, you won't get stuck.

Here's everything you get in the Full Program video members area:
Step 1 - Situation Clarity
Step 2 - Self (Feeling) Clarity
Step 3 - Testing The Water
Step 4 - Fork In The Road
Includes $167.90 Worth Of Bonus Material To Help You Get Unstuck From Any Breakup!

BONUS Talking to Your Ex Again Hypnosis Audio (worth $8.95)

-Do you feel stuck with approaching and talking to your ex again? Or does it feel like you just don't know what to do or say?
-That is why we created this special audio. It uses the power of hypnosis to uproot the desperation that can naturally form when trying to reunite with a loved one. Once you begin using this audio during your day, you will notice that the idea of talking to your ex is no longer intimidating.

BONUS Quiet The Emotional Whirlwind Hypnosis Audio (worth $8.95)

-Did you say something you wish you could take back?

-This is a hypnosis audio which is designed to give you a sense of peace. You deserve and should take a break. Listen to this audio any time you feel caught up in a whirlwind, and it will give you the solace you've been looking for.

BONUS Avelon B McNae Q&A Recording (worth $150.00)

-This bonus is a 30-Minute Q&A recording with Avelon B McNae. Avelon is a $300 per hour marriage counselor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and relationship coach with 28 years of experience in her professional field. This is a treasure trove for understanding your relationship.
Here's Everything You Get In The Full Program:
$200.00 - 5-Part Video Series with Jane Lu (132 Minutes Total)
$8.95 BONUS Talking to Your Ex Again Hypnosis Audio
$8.95 BONUS Quiet The Emotional Whirlwind Hypnosis Audio
$150.00 BONUS Avelon B McNae Q&A Recording
But it won't cost $367.90... even though this is the Total Value you are getting when you join The Full Program!
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